Vibroacoustic measurements

Vibroacoustic examinations offered by Adaptronica include measurements, recording and analysis of noise and vibrations generated by various sources. Vibroacoustic examinations are performed for diagnostic purposes as well as for assessment of harmful influence of noise and vibrations on structures, machines and human health.

Vibroacoustic services include:

  • examination of vibrations and noise generated by machines,
  • examination of vibrations and noise due to environmental factors,
  • diagnostics of machines,
  • examination of soil vibrations and building vibrations,
  • examination of influence of vibrations on buildings (according to the standard PN-B-02170:2016-12),
  • examination of vibration level in large constructions,
  • examination of vibration level in installations,
  • examination of vibration level in railway vehicles (vibrations of structural elements, spectrum analysis of signals, determination of propagation paths, calculations of comfort coefficient),
  • examination of noise level in railway vehicles (measurement and analysis of noise generated outside railway vehicles according to the standard PN-EN ISO 3095: 2005, measurement and analysis of noise generated inside railway vehicles according to the standard PN-EN ISO 3381: 2011),
  • consulting on mitigation of vibration level (identification of vibration sources, design and selection of vibroisolating materials, structural modifications etc.).

Structural health monitoring

Adaptronica offers systems for condition monitoring of engineering structures such as bridges, viaducts, towers, warehouses. The company has developed and installed customized systems which perform measurements, recordings, signal analysis and remote transmission of data. The purpose of the system is to monitor the condition of a structure by examining quantities like acceleration, deflection, strain, angle of inclination as well as environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity and atmospheric pressure. The system provides both local storage of the measured signals for archiving purposes but also on-line, remote viewing of parameters processed in the analysis. In order to increase the reliability of the systems, Adaptronica utilizes hardware by renowned world brands such as Bruel & Kjaer or National Instruments. Depending on the needs and expectations of the client, systems are always configured individually.

An example of a system implemented by Adaptronica on an engineering structure is the system for monitoring of acceleration levels on suspension rods of the railway viaduct in Huta Zawadzka (Fig. 1 above). Bruel & Kjaer transducers, National Instruments controller and measurement cards, and Telium wireless transmission module were used.

The following parameters of the measurement system were adopted:

  • frequency range of the recorded acceleration 0.5-100 Hz,
  • amplitude range of the recorded acceleration ± 5 g,
  • acceleration measurements in three directions,
  • temperature and humidity measurements,
  • wireless transmission of data,
  • emergency power supply up to 12 hours.

Sensors were mounted in a non-invasive way on some suspension rods of the bridge. In order to obtain the degree of environmental protection IP65 for the measurement system, the cables were placed in protective coatings and the sensors were located in hermetic housings.

Measured acceleration signals were stored in the local memory of the system for one month. Every five minutes, the selected measurement results, such as the maximum and average ​​(RMS) values, were sent to the server.

The user interface designed for the system (Fig. 2 above) is capable of:

  • viewing the history of measurement signals in both the time and frequency domain,
  • tracking changes in monitored parameters,
  • studying correlations between mechanical quantities and environmental values,
  • controlling the system.


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