Drop test stand

Adaptronica has in its laboratory a unique drop test stand aimed at performing crashworthiness tests and analyzing the resistance of various materials to impact loads. The stand enables performing free drop tests with possible horizontal movement of the platform on which the investigated item is dropped. Additionally, the drop test stand is equipped with a hydraulic ram e.g. to perform crumple tests.

The impact is due to the vertical movement of a trolley of adjustable mass and drop height, which allows for covering the whole range of impact energies. Depending upon the test type, the shape of the impacting element is properly selected. The investigated item may be mounted on the trolley (of vertical or horizontal movement) or on the base stationary plate.

The scheme of the drop test stand indicating major components is depicted below.

Technical parameters

  • maximum mass of the dropped item 150 kg,
  • minimum mass of the dropped item 4 kg,
  • maximum height of the free drop 5 m,
  • maximum impact energy 3 kJ,
  • maximum impact speed 10 m/s,
  • maximum in-plane dimension of the investigated item ca. 900 mm,
  • maximum velocity of the trolley in horizontal direction 600 mm/s,
  • maximum force produced by the hydraulic ram 15000 N.

Possible measurements,

  • accelerations up to 400 m/s2,
  • forces up to 20 kN,
  • displacements of the trolley of vertical movement with the precision up to 0.01mm,
  • acquisition of measured signals using the Pulse system (by Brüel & Kjær) or the CompactRio system (by National Instruments) up to the frequency of 40 kHz.

Examples of use of the drop test stand:

  • Tests of dynamic properties of damping fillings and foams used in pilot seats (according to Polish standard PN-EN ISO 4651:2000),
  • Crumple tests of paperboard packaging with perforation subjected to downward vertical load,
  • Resistance tests of a housing subjected to free drop of a 6 kg impactor,
  • Resistance tests of composite samples to impact load (according to the standard ASTM D7136),
  • Resistance tests of composite samples to 3 point bending (according to the standard ASTM D790-3),
  • Impact resistance tests of helmets for bikers, skateboard and roller skate users (according to the standard PN-EN 1078:2000).

Our high-tech hardware and software include:

  • analyzer PULSE (Brüel & Kjær),
  • accelerometer (Brüel & Kjær, Endevco),
  • displacement sensors (Festo),
  • sound level meters (Brüel & Kjær),
  • laser vibrometer (Polytec),
  • electromagnetic shakers (RFT, Brüel & Kjær),
  • software: National Instruments LabView, Brüel & Kjær PULSE LabShop and PULSE Reflex.


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