Semi-active system for vibration suppression PAR

The semi-active system for vibration suppression, so called PAR System (patent pending) can be embedded in frame structures of adequate size in order to suppress its vibrations. PAR Nodes (cf. PAR Node brochure) replace chosen connections between structural members. A vibration sensor and a dedicated controller adjust stiffness of PAR Nodes in order to achieve superb vibration suppression ability without inserting external energy into the structure.

Taking advantage of a novel control strategy, so called Prestress Accumulation–Release (PAR) Strategy over 95 % of the vibration amplitude can be attenuated in only few cycles of oscillation, by appropriate switching of PAR Nodes to compliant mode of operation. PAR System performance on a demonstrator structure can be viewed in an attached video.

Example of attenuated structure.

Main advantages of the PAR System:

  • superb vibration suppression ability,
  • no need for significant external energy in-put (as opposed to active, e.g. hydraulic systems),
  • fail safe,
  • no need to modify boundary conditions of the structure.
Possible applications:
  • suppression of vibrations due to impact or other initial conditions,
  • stabilization of equipment,
  • isolation of a substructure from transient vibrations.

Example response.

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